At VTS a caring and safe classroom environment is provided to the learner.


VTS provides quality education including good habits and better understanding.


The library is a storehouse of books a treasure hunt for students.


Games and sports form an integral part of our educational program.


The house system is designed to reflect and enhance the values of Vidyanchal The school.


VTS gives the students a complete hands-on exposure and experience.


The School has first aid facility of it’s own regular medical checkup.


children work with their hands long enough to get lost in the creative moment.


Vidyanchal The school

Believes in providing an environment to nurture  all those who aspire to achieve the highest level of distinction in academic and personal growth by making learning and enjoyable and life-long experience. Vidyanchal the school (VTS),  Akot is promoted by Shree Lakshmi Narayan Bhutada foundation for education, Akot on believe the firm belief that our children are highly valuable assets for our country and we need to invest in their future adequately.  Investment shouldn’t only the monetary but also investment in terms of quality education including good habits and better understanding of the upcoming challenges in the 21st century.  VTS is the co-educational day school and is fetching affiliation from Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi.
We are committed to provide value based education to the children of our school. It is our school’s vision that when the  student pass out from the school they should not be the one in the crowd but they should stand out in the crowd.

VTS Features

Academic Block 100%%
Smart Classroom 100%%
Sports Fields 100%%
Science Lab 100%%


Keeping in the view the pragmatic approach for student’s life field trips and exposures are a must for the students. We at giving the students a complete hands-on exposure and experience ; for them to know the out of the school savoir fair. In such visits they discover and cultivate in themselves even the smallest realistic details that a child of today it’s supposed to have. We see to it that the students aren’t in the miss when it comes to learning!


  • It has sprawling verdant green campus with the supreme state of earth infrastructure, futuristic facilities, well illuminated classrooms that make learning a pleasure the classroom. The classrooms are technologically advanced with smart board teaching and with an LCD projector in every classroom.

    Principal (VTS) Paris
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The School has commitment to meet the highest standards of education for all learners and to develop brilliant and liable citizens. The emphasis is no care, providing excellent education, treating the learner as a complete individual and ensuring their abilities and talents are looked after well and developed; including the spirit of research and creativity. To provide a safe, secure positive and enjoyable environment that build self esteem, self-conference and the essential attitude necessary to become a building block of the society strengthening the social fabric.


Classes offered